Walmart Supply Chain Compliance Standards

Walmart Compliance OTIF (On-Time In-Full)

Walmart is “tightening-up” their supply chain compliance standards for all vendors that started February 2017 and cutting down on the MABD windows and inaccurate orders. Why? According to Walmart, this will help Optimize product flow and allow for enhanced “On-Shelf Availability”. This allows them to keep up with the speed to Market of the “Amazons of the World,” as they are relying more on their suppliers and vendors to meet stricter standards and help lean out their supply chain to minimize Overstock and Understock. According to business reports, this could add anywhere from $1-2 Billion in annual compliance fees.

Walmart Expectations

  • Failure to meet the OTIF Minimum score will result in a 3% Charge Back on the cost of goods sold.
  • Food Grade and Cosmetic Product will require a Single Day Window, not a day early or day late.
  • General Merchandise and Goods Not for Resale expectation to deliver on the MABD or one day prior, (2-Day Window).  Late is considered a failure.
  • No tolerance for short or missing product.
  • End Goal is to deliver to the DC’s 95% on-time and 100% in-full.
    • This compliance will be on a graduated scale. Currently must be at 33% On-Time In-Full through 2017 and 55% by January 2018.
  • OTIF Measured Monthly instead of Quarterly
  • Disputes will not be tolerated


Sims Global Retail Value-Added Services

  • Single Source to manage all of your Transportation Needs.
  • Capacity: Partnered with over 70 National and Regional LTL carriers including the Retail Preferred Carriers and 30,000+ Dedicated Truck Load Carriers
  • Portfolio of Services: LTL, Expedited, Truckload, Rail, White-Glove, Project Roll-outs, and Pool Distribution Services
  • Fine tune the process:
    • Work with your Operations TEAM to accommodate schedules and lead times
    • Carrier On-Boarding Process:  Hands-on approach with Partner Carriers at every level to ensure service requirements are met.
  • Dedicated Logistics Coordinator:
    •  Scheduling, Tracking & Monitoring of all loads from cradle to grave.
    • Handle All Claims and Disputes In-House.
  • Advanced Technology:
    • State of the Art Transportation Management System (TMS)
    • EDI/API Carrier Integration for Real Time Load Rating, Scheduling, Tracking and Document Retrieval
    • Audit All Freight Billing
    • In-House Retail Appointment Set-up through Retail Link

Sims Global Retail Value-Added Benefits

  • Exceed Walmart’s Expections of OTIF Compliance
  • Reduce Charge Backs
  • Reduce Labor and Transportation Costs
  • Create Efficiencies & Increase Productivity
  • Meet your Deadlines
  • Average 7-22% Transportation Cost Savings

How Do We Stack Up?

  • We are currently sitting at 96% OTIF with all Walmart Suppliers and the bulk are single day windows
  • According to business reports, Walmart’s top 75 suppliers are struggling to hit the 2017 minimum requirement of 33% and some are as low as 10% compliant.


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